Amida strives to make health data accessible to modern developers by abstracting away the complex nuances of historical formats. The purpose of the Data Reconciliation Engine (DRE) is to take personal health data in a variety of formats (starting with BlueButton/CCDA) from multiple sources and parse/normalize/de-duplicate/merge it into a single Patient's Master Health Record (with patient assistance), although most of hard work will be done automatically.

DRE relies heavily on the blue-button family of libraries to parse health record data in variety of formats into unified data model (JSON based), so information can be readily utilized for any application.

Our code/libraries

DRE - Data Reconciliation Engine
blue-button.js - type sensing and data parsing
blue-button-match.js - data matching
blue-button-record.js - master health record persistence (MongoDB)
blue-button-model.js - model schema definition and validation
blue-button-xml.js - xml parsing, xpath support and xml to JSON conversion infrastructure
blue-button-generate.js - CCDA generation from JSON
blue-button-cms.js - cms parsing
blue-button-meta.js - lookup information for our libraries

Our Blue Button data model (JSON-based)